About us

Our Story

GreenTrading was founded on the basis of sourcing natural alternatives to human health and agriculture care. Having a major health related illness in the family had always helped us question how our simple lifestyle choices had an effect on our health and wellbeing.

After looking deep into the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda, the research turned to knowledge, the knowledge turned into passion, the passion turned into a venture. GreenTrading started off with a small range of organic Ayurvedic health supplements and today it has become a platform to cater for many more eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives.

We incorporated our three brands as: Green Trading | Native Neem | Meals in Steel. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to make our healthy living products accessible to the people that need them the most. We will continue to allow everyday New Zealanders and the rest of the world a choice when it comes to health and continuous wellness. We would love you to try our numerous products and experience the new lifestyle it has gifted us.

Our Values:

Our values define who we are. We follow high governance standard, treat workers well and follow fair wage policy, follow environmentally sustainable work practices, and positive contribution to the society. 

About Us

Green Trading Company Limited is a 100% New Zealand owned and family operated business.

We do not just source products, we are involved and invest in the manufacturing and R&D process. Our operation and office that are onshore and offshore help provide and maintain the quality of our products. We personally visit many of our suppliers to see for ourselves that they tick all our boxes. We look for quality products and fair wages as well as safe and organic production techniques. Not only does every company we work with meet our high expectations, they often exceeded them by improving healthcare in their region and reducing the presence of hazardous organic materials in the environment.

Our Mantra

If you have found us here you are probably, like us, trying to do your bit for the future of the planet by consuming responsibly. Our ethos here at Green Trading is to consciously choose eco-friendly products and services that minimize environmental impact and enhance the lives of people living with poverty. We source all of our suppliers on the basis that they must be working towards a better future for everybody, everywhere. We are always looking for better ways of doing things and be a part of creating a better future and good living. 

Our Pricing

We are trying to keep our price affordable so we can encourage and involve the community in making changes. Our entire price is in NZD inclusive of GST but excluding of freight. We welcome wholesale enquiries.

Our Products:

All our products are organic or organic certified. Most of our products are Bio-Gro New Zealand certified organic. All our products are made with natural ingredients, No nasty chemicals and not tested on animal. No products contain palm oil, soy, wheat or any other GMO modified food. 

Ethical Production

We follow high governance standard. Green Trading products are produced with the highest ethical work practices. It hasn't been tested on animals or contributed to the destruction of biodiversity and deforestation. We also treat workers well and follow fair wage practice. 

Our Responsibility

We are constantly working on reducing our carbon footprint. Our company uses minimal energy to operate.  It runs on 4.5 kW solar panels. During sunshine, we are almost out of the grid.

Also by using electric vehicle (EV), it means it generates absolutely zero emission, helping to keep New Zealand clean and green. We use Biodegradable courier bags, reuse and recycle cardboard boxes and use recyclable or glass packaging.  

Contribution to society

Green Trading regularly donates products to the schools and community for fundraising.