Francelle, Masterton

Thank you for the super fast hassle free trade. I love your soap and it has helped with my son's skin condition big time. 

Alina, Whangarei

My eczema thanks you. Neem oil is the only thing that takes the itch away and clears it up completely. BEST ECZEMA TREATMENT EVER!! 


Hi there
I bought 2 lip balms at the GoGreen expo in Christchurch a wee while ago. I had also bought 2 jars of the Coconut Oil prior to this.  I am totally hooked on your products!!! The oil tastes delicious but the lip balm is even better!!!

Peter, Ngaruawahia

Neem leaf powder might not taste the best but it certainly works, as an anti inflammatory excellent.


We are very pleased to have yr products! 
We love this neem soap and use it on our selves and our critters, we have found it really useful for treating mud fever and rain scald in horses! We are only just getting to grips with all that can be neem really, dabbling with oil.

Sarah, Golden Bay

thanks for the wonderful neem oil,my dogs itchy dry skin is so much better now 

HM, Otorohanga

Everything has arrived for mum n I. The coconut oil is the best ive tried. Ive tried four other businesses selling it. A+++ to you, you are now my supplier :)

Andrew & Mandy, Christchurch City

Pure Neem Oil..fabulous product really stinky but works a treat fantastic Highly recommended.

Pet sahmpoo..Excellent product would strongly recommend to all pet owners, Save money on all other products this is fantastic.

Cj, New Plymouth

Coconut oil Promptly received. Recommended trader. Such a glorious aroma! Astonishing contrast to the over-processed supermarket-shelf varieties of this oil with zero fragrance and zero taste. 

Heather, Whangarei

Wonderful organic neem pet shampoo, has helped my female Chihuahua with her itchy skin great. thanks very much. Excellent trader, parcel was sent to me very fast. A++++ 

Pook, Waipawa

The insecticide arrived a few days ago. I had some mint which was totally infested with white fly and when I disturbed the leaves a whole cloud of them would rise up. I sprayed with the insecticide and after 2 hours, I disturbed the leaves again and there were only 2 flies rising up. I tried again today and there are none, so this looks very promising. I might use the mint as a ‘barometer’ and if I see any white fly on it, I will spray all of the plants again. Many thanks for your help. 

CJ, New Plymouth

Promptly received. Recommended trader. Such a glorious aroma! Astonishing contrast to the over-processed supermarket-shelf varieties of this oil with zero fragrance and zero taste (Coconut Oil)

Heather, Whangarei

Wonderful product, has helped my female Chihuahua with her itchy skin great. thanks very much. Excellent trader, parcel was sent to me very fast. A++++  (Neem Pet Shampoo)

Shelley, New Plymouth

A+++ Product (neem pet shampoo) for my dogs. Big Change in my dogs scratching after 1st use!!! . Highly recommended - Great Service and Delivery 

Claire, Tauranga 

Lovely product. I got the extra virgin coconut oil. It smells devine. Also I received the goods very quickly. Thanks for the great trade. I will definately buy from you again.

Tania, Papakura

100% Pure Neem Oil is Brilliant for Eczema & Fungal Issues...If You can Get Pass The Smell You Will Clear Up Any Skin Issues With This Excellent Oil...Highly Recommend 100% Pure Neem Oil AAAAAA++++++++++

Janet, Rangiora

Hassle free trade, I love Neem as it is safe to use on edibles & better for the environment.

Lily, Lower-Hutt City

Thanks for a quick easy trade. Neem oil has been magic on my baby's stubborn nappy rash :) 

Shelley, New Plymouth

A+++ Product for my dogs Big Change in my dogs scratching after 1st use!!! Highly recommended - Great Service and Delivery Thanks 

Rhonda Joy, Whangarei

Absolutely love this Pet Shampoo. I use it on a 7-month miniature Yorkie with sensitive skin once a week, sometimes twice. People comment on his shiny coat and nice smell. Will always use this shampoo, recommend to every pet owner.fast delivery too.

Anna, Wanganui

Great value! I use coconut oil on my hair as a deep treatment, and cannot find any natural coconut oil in the shops. Will definitely be back once I run out.

Carolyn and David, Wellington City

Great trade as usual. Excellent product to kill grass grub in lawns.

Janice, Christchurch City

Very quick delivery, and what a great product, had all ready used my usual face Cleanser, which was’nt cheap, then tried your coconut oil, i wont be wasting money on expensive cleanser’s. any more, this works so much better,, and good for your skin, thanks.

Leanne, Kapiti

great trade, fast delivery, dogs smell wonderful after they are washed in this organic neem pet shampoo.

Matt, Manukau City

Neem Oil, best stuff for trees

Paul, North Shore

Excellent trader,quality product (pet shampoo),my dog smells so good now! Thanks!

Ngaire, Hastings

Wonderful product…received safe and sound today. Highly recommended. Will look lovely on wedding tables thank you. Will trade again.

Alina, North Shore

Awesome product! thank you

Keith, Manukau City

Great trader. Fast delivery, awesome product, and coconut oil smells delicious.

Peter, Tauranga

A very swift and easy trade, a blue chip member, would not hesitate to trade in the future

M&B, Stratford

Awesome trader to deal with, everything as described. No problems highly recommending this trader. Thank You.

Macgregor, Levin     

Excellent trade and I love your products. Will definitely trade again and recommend your website to others. Good stuff A+++

Heaven, Raglan

Thank you for the top quality product, exceptionally packaged and arrived quickly. Highly recommend.

Samia, Auckland City

wonderful product, timely arrival, will definitely be ordering more of the product from same buyer.

Lucy, Manukau City

Thanks another great trade with this trader. Excellent product I would recommend both this trader & this product to other members.Thank you.

Tracie, Nelson

Thank-you for this utterly fantastic trade. I'm so impressed! Ordered Tuesday, received Wednesday. No hassle, prompt service, quality product. I confidently recommend this A+++ Trader

Verberna, Waitakere City
AAA+++ fast and easy trade :) extremely satisfied with the product.. Looking forward to trading again and highly recommend to all!!!

Carina, Hamilton

Great trade. Couldn't be happier. Not only with the product. But with the helpful flyer full of great info too. Thanks!

Ruby, Nelson

Fantastic company, highly recommended for well-priced gifts of nature helping EarthMother and her residents. Thankyou.

Sheree, Te Anau

Cash the puppy seems very happy with his Shampoo and has stopped scratching. Very happy with product and transaction. Thankyou happy to trade again some time. A+++

Peter Huntly

Excellent service and product. Among other benefits Neem has suppressed my chronic carpal tunnel syndrome which I have had for many years.  

Sandy Whangarei

Awesome. Turned up last week. Have been spraying inside of house to kill whatever is here. Thought was just fleas but now not so sure. Great advice, very helpful via email on how to rid house/property of pest infestations (not normal to spray insecticide inside however infestation so dire is warranted in this case) less things jumping on/off me at night. Thanx for your specialist help. Already ordered more stuff off the website (to treat me and the dog) A+++++ trader 

Gina Auckland

I have been meaning to write to your company to express sincere thanks for creating such a fantastic (I don’t use that word often) Neem Hair & Body Wash.

I have had an inflammatory skin condition on head and face for years. Shampooing used to aggravate/dry scalp even using the medicated or iherb natural brands I had tried. Your wash I picked up at Harvest Grey Lynn after searching their shelves (later I reccom’d to the staff member), cleans scalp and hair well, smells neutral, doesn’t aggravate and seemingly calms it down somewhat. I have used it for 4+ weeks and so know it works! Works great as a face wash too.Thanks very much Green Trading. I will continue to purchase it as long as it remains the same ingredients.Keep up the great products.

Robin Casey ( KC Fert Ltd) 

I have a client that has just started using Organic Neem Oil Insecticide on their Bowling green, the results they are getting are making them more than happy.

Robyn Auckland

Hi, just wanted to share with you how neem leaf powder has transformed my health.

I have been unwell about 6 years, with severe arthritis, chronic nerve pain, swollen joints, brain fog and fatigue...widespread inflammation. doctors only treat the pain.
Lying in bed talking to God, i said what would help my health? I heard him say neem. I had never heard of it. So next day i googled it, and found how healing this tree is.
I searched how to use it, and finally sourced your product. I have been drinking the tea daily for the last 5 weeks, and i cannot believe  how good i feel.
Pain is gone by 65%...Swelling by 80%. I can feel the bones in my knees again. My mind is clearer, and I have so much more energy.I am so grateful to you and to God who is my ultimate healer. I have told a lot of people about this product, because of how it is transforming my life...I can once again exercise. I am getting my life back. Everything had been such a struggle, i had given up hope of ever living again. Making me cry, realizing  how much has changed already
thankyou  so much...

Amla Auckland

Hi, my name is alma. I am probably the biggest fan of this company and their products. And bealive me its a big compliment.  I am a beauty and spa therapist and have used so many products in my life.I absolutely love the neem soap and the moisturizer. They are great for my rosacea.I also use the tooth powder. It was also easy to convert my friends and family to love your products even all the way to Europe! 


I can’t fault this soap! I have a Guinea pig that has skin issues and this works a treat for him. Leaves their skin clear itch-free and soft coat plus they smell good. Even kind to our skin