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Native Neem

Organic Neem Tooth Powder 150g

Organic Neem Tooth Powder 150g

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Native Neem Organic Neem Toothpowder 150g

Naturally Effective Oralcare

BioGro Certified Organic

About Neem

Neem has been an important part of the Ayurvedic tradition for more than 6000 years and its healing properties have been passed from generation to generation. Neem contains powerful antifungal properties. It is a proven cure for oral care since ancient times.

Do You Know

Today most toothpaste contains nasty chemicals like sulfate, fragrance, saccharin, and many more. It tastes and smells good but is not good for your health. 

Native Neem is constantly committing to their quality and never compromise with such ingredients which is harmful to you and our planet.

Native Neem Organic Neem Toothpowder Contains

  • Organic Neem Leaf Powder

  • Organic Menthol Powder

  • Organic Stevia Powder

  • Baking Soda

Product of New Zealand 

Benefits & Usage

Native Neem Tooth Powder Benefits

  • Native Neem Neem Tooth Powder Prevents and heals gum disease

  • Native Neem Neem Tooth Powder Prevents cavities

  • Native Neem Neem Tooth Powder Eliminate bacteria that cause cavities     and inflammation of the gums

  • Native Neem Neem Tooth Powder Reduces Plaque

  • Native Neem Neem Tooth Powder Enhances mouth immunity in general

  • Through all these Native Neem Neem Tooth Powder freshens the breath


Native Neem Tooth Powder usage:

Moist the toothbrush, and sprinkle toothpowder onto it. Brush regularly

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Melanie Bass
My teeth feel shiny

Love this tooth power. It has a strong taste but I don't mind it.
My teeth and mouth feel clean for a good while after using this tooth power.


I am not sure yet if will work just start to use it but I have experiences with other natural tooth powder , and the plaque stoped to build up . But for now I like the minty taste .

Best tooth cleaner

I’ve been using this for a few years on and off and flirted with other top brands purported to be the best out there by consumers reviews. I tried Uncle Harry’s products the powder and the remineralisation and other brands but they never got rid of plaque like this does. The Neem taste is fine with mild minty flavour but it does stain your teeth unfortunately. I add it with a natural tooth whitener and has neutralised the stain issue. So I’m sticking with this combo.

Dia P
Way too bitter. Neem tooth powder

This product is probably great for u but it is incredibly bitter and keeps ur mouth bitter long after brushing, not something i enjoyed at all.
The company however,was great.prompt no issues at all,